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Congratulations to Ravi Chawla

Ravi Chawla is a PhD student from Dr.Pushkar Lele’s group and won the AIChE Division 15 Poster Award at the Annual AIChE conference in Minneapolis this year. His poster titled “Mechanical force-based regulation of protein assemblies” was selected from among 54 poster entries in the competition. The poster showcased his recent work in the Lele lab on the mechanisms by which mechanical forces modulate the self-assembly of protein complexes in bacteria. In the study, which was published in Scientific Reports, Ravi proposed and successfully tested a mathematical model that explained the remodeling of biomolecular motors in E. coli, following the detection of surfaces by individual cells. How bacteria detect surfaces remains a mystery, and is of great research interest since this ability promotes the formation of bacterial biofilms. Biofilms not only cause chronic infections, but also promote biofouling of industrial membranes and pipelines. Ravi’s work represents the first step in establishing plausible models to explain surface detection in bacteria.

To find out more, see the department news article here.


We have an intramurals soccer team that plays on Thursdays at Penberthy Fields from 7:45 - 8:45PM.  See the Google Calendar on the home page for more information.

Our Intramurals chair has also created a Battle Ship team (water sports).

If you are interested in joining, please contact Brittny Efendy at