Member Information

Check this page for announcements, upcoming events, payment links, surveys, intramurals, and other useful information!

Membership Payment

If you are a new member this semester or simply have not paid dues yet, you can pay your dues online.

Our membership dues are $15 for one year and $10 for a semester.

Although membership dues are not a requirement to attend our General Meetings, these dues allow you to eat at our events.

One semester membership dues

One year semester dues

JEB Lab Improvements and Lobby Sales Surveys

Please fill out the surveys to give us your input on possible lab and lobby sales improvements.

Members who take part in the AIChE 2019 Survey will get a free ChemE sticker too.

JEB Lab Improvements Survey

Lobby Sales Survey

AIChE 2019 Survey


We have an intramurals soccer team that plays on Thursdays at Penberthy Fields from 7:45 - 8:45PM.  See the Google Calendar on the home page for more information.

Our Intramurals chair has also created a Battle Ship team (water sports).

If you are interested in joining, please contact Brittny Efendy at